Voodoo Double 40mm Grenade Pouch -Woodland Camo

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Keeps small items close at hand. A great Voodoo Double 40mm Grenade Pouches is a great way to carry around the ammunition for your M203 grenade launcher. Now, for those of us who don't have a grenade launcher or 40mm grenades laying around, it's great for carrying small items and keeping them in a convenient place.

Fisherman don't have to carry a tackle box with them, simply load all your items into these Pouches and hook them onto your belt for ease of use. Hunters can carry their light, compass, or extra ammo, and keep it all close at hand. Whether it is camping, hiking, or any one of numerous other reason, these Pouches are the perfect place to store your items.

  • Removable / adjustable hook-n-loop snap covers for various sizes
  • Attaches to vest, belt, or MOLLETM platform
  • Holds 40mm grenades
  • Reinforced snaps for strength
  • Measures 4" x 2.5" x 5"h.