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Trooper Children Style Tactical AOR II/ NWW III Overwatch Combat shirt will have your Lil Operator game strong. This is the most detailed battle shirt Trooper offers and is premium quality. This stout design features NYCO ripstop sleeves, breathable cotton body, a 1/4 zip collar to protect your neck while runnin and gunnin. Sleeves have double layer elbow pockets, adjustable Velcro wrists, multi pocket shoulder pouches, hook and loop for morale patches and rank as well as a tactical glass break/pen holder. Exclusive to our Trooper design, there is even a kill rag integrated in the sleeve pocket for missions down range. No other brands on the market offer what we do in this design. It’s functional and well thought out. Perfect for airsoft, speedsoft, milsim, paintball, or slinging lead with other operators. These shirts are extremely durable and made for the harshest environments. Gear up. We got your six.